Klaipeda city immovable values of culture

Liepu Street, Northern – western part of yhe city

Gradually formed. Užuomazga - 17th century, 18th century At the beginning of the year, a long market was planned on the street, called Zasu Markets in the plans. 19th century In the beginning, the street was named after the Russian Tsar Alexander. The planting of lime-trees and was turned into a boulevard. 19th century at the end next to Street was built Post Office building. The twentieth century At the beginning, was of the street extension (Aleksandro gatvė) extended from Donelaitis Avenue. During the First World War, the name of the Russian Tsar became unacceptable. The street was called Liepu gatve, start called after 1923. About 1935 Lithuanians renamed the street to the President's Smetona Avenue. After 1939 Annexation, she was called Adolf Hitler name. In Soviet times it was renamed into M. Gorkio Street (although this Russian soviet writer, the instigator of socialist realism literature) has nothing to do with the city. 20th century, Lithuanians it called - Extended Liepu street.

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