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Complex of Slaughter - buildings 15973 (previous code G24K), Historical part of the city

Slaughter-house - 22542 (previous code G24K1), 53A Liepu St;
House - 22543 (previous code G24K2), 53 Liepu St;
House - 22544 (previous code G24K3), 55 Liepu St;
Warehouse - 22545 (previous code G24K4), 53A Liepu St;
Cattle-shed - 22546 (previous code G24K5), 53A Liepu St;
Bunker - 32448, 53A Liepu St.

Historic, technical, architectural, urban value
Built in 1914 – 1915

The slaughterhouse was build in accordance with the design of architect Kleemann. On both sides of the gate there are two houses (administrative - living), built in 1915. The building No.53 of Liepu Street housed the office and the apartment of Director of the Slaughter and No.55 housed a restaurant. Both two-storeyed buildings have the garrets, basements and hip - roofs. Between the houses one can see the main building of the complex, i.e. the slaughterhouse with a small tower-belfry. In the design of the building, the influence of late Jugend style is felt. Buildings in the yard (the cattle shed, the warehouse) are of the village - style architecture. The yard is paved with stones. In 1930, the slaughterhouse was expanded.

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