Klaipeda city immovable values of culture

M. Serniaus Street, Northern – western part of the city

It was planned in 19th century in the first half of the Vite subrub. A part of the street is called Sattler Street, and part is Tischler Street (Balniu and Staliu Streets). Balniu Street the name was preserved until 1923, later Lithuanians named the street as M. Šernys Street, and the Germans called the old name. Next to the street there is a school (now a vocational school), which was called the Ferdinand Square School. Martynas Šernius (1849-1908) - a writer of the society of Lithuania Minor, a book publisher. Since 1875 Worked in Klaipeda, 1878-1908 Edited Lithuanian Ceutung, later worked at Zybart Printing House

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