Klaipeda city immovable values of culture

J. Zembrickio Street, Northern – western part of the city

In The 20th century. Next to which wealthy townspeople built modern villas by the street. 1935 the street is called Sembrickio street. In the Soviet year it was renamed J. Zemaite Street.

Johanas Zembrickis (1856), Having acquired a pharmacist's specialty, From 1880 Worked in Klaipėda. 19th century At the end of the year, he was especially interested in the past of Klaipėda and the surrounding area. Studied archival material and wrote two city stories. In his writings, the author gave a fairly objective description of the social status of Lithuania in the framework of the Prussian and German laws. Zembritsky died in 1919, was buried in the cemetery of Klaipėda (now the Sculpture Park).

Julija Zemaite (Beneseviciute-Zymantiene) (1845 – 1921) A Lithuanian writer, a realist Lithuanian writer, wrote stories, comedies, communicated with advanced Lithuanian characters. Democratic positions depict the social and moral relations of Lithuania.

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