Klaipeda city immovable values of culture

Fragments of Sandvaris estate 32837,

The complex consists of:
Second farm building - 32850, 33 Mokyklos St.;
The first old cemetery of the Sandvaris estate - 26381 (previous code L1212);
The palace - 32848, 33 Mokyklos St.;
First farm building - 32849, 33 Mokyklos St.;
The second old graveyard of the Sandvaris estate - 26382 (previous code L1213), Tilze St.;
Third farm building - 32851, 49 Tilze St.;
The territory of the former Sandvaris estate - 16589, 33 Mokyklos St., 49 Tilzes St.

Architectural Values
Built 1900 - 1905

Sendvaris is the oldest manor of Klaipėda district 1376. 1915 palaces and farms buildings were burned, leaving only the darkened walls. During the Second World War, most of the buildings in Sendvary remained intact. After the war there was a school in the manor house. Now the palace is restored.

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