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Paupis Manor House and Hospital Building Complex – Bachman's estate 244, The northern part of the city.

The complex consists of:
Psychiatric hospital building - 32569, 2 Jaunystes St., built 1930-1931 Masonry building, 1957 Reconstructed, Adapted for dormitory rooms;
Warehouse - 32557, 5 Jaunystes St., Reconstructed and used for warehouse;
Shelter building - 32555, 12 Jaunystes St., 1881 Built On the foundation of the old;
Ukwesian house - 32558, 18 Jaunystes St., Built 19 Th. – 20th., brick building, reconstructed, now living;
Building - 32567 20 Jaunystes St., statytas 1890 m., dabar gyvenamasis namas;
dvarininko namas - 32554, 22 Jaunystes St., Built 1778;
The first farm building - 32559, 24 Jaunystes St., 18 th. Built farm building, Reconstructed 1960, Now there is a warehouse and a garage;
Second farm building - 32561, 26 Jaunystes St., 1999 Reconstructed, there is now a shop located there;
Fragments of the park - 32570, Jaunystes St.;
Third house - 32568, 91 Liepu St., This is currently a dwelling house;
First house - 32562, 3 Ruko St., Built 1912., Now it's a dwelling house;
Second house - 32564, 7 Ruko St., 1895 Built Built Wooden building, Now the residential building;
First cowshed - 32563, Ruko St., Built 1912., Used for farm purposes;
Second cowshed - 32566, Ruko St., Built 1895., Used for farm purposes.

Architectural Values
Built 18th – 20th. century

15th. – 16 th. century The territory is called Bachman's Land. 20 th. Name in Lithuanian language „Paupys, Paupiai“ – Location to the river. Both names are used up to now.
Manor center has formed since the 18th century. 1868 on the visible plan, that Consisting of three yards 1. Rarely furnished, in 1847 a shelter was built; 2 A spacious courtyardWhich is believed to have bee the old manor center; 3. The mansion has a large inner courtyard for workers. The main buildings are located on the outskirts of the inner courtyard. 1778 A new manor house was erected (22 Jaunystes St.). Preserved old buildings show that the mansion of the 19th-20th centuries. In the first half, masonry buildings prevailed. Built the East Prussia Masonry architectural traditions.

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