Klaipeda city immovable values of culture

Klaipėda Mill and other buildings complex 33710, The Old City

The complex consists of:
First building - 33711, 2 Gluosnių;
Second building - 35406, 3A Joniškės St.

Historical, Architectural Values
Built 16th. – 20th. century
First building – Two-storeyed with a basement and attic. The building was built 16th., Rebuilt 18th., Reconstructed 1920 – 1994.
Historic sources called "castle mill". Mill till the 17th century End Belonged to the royal lands. 1753 The mill was purchased by the Hahn family, Owners have reconstructed or even rebuilt the mill. Since the 19th century Vid Bought S.J. Ehmer established a brewery in it (Bürgerliche Braukaus) Germany. Bravor acted until 1919. 1925 The brothers A. and R. Feinberg, who had acquired the plot, founded a "textile and pulp factory Klaipėda" in it. 20th Destroyed part of former water mill equipment – Dam with wooden bridge.

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