Klaipeda city immovable values of culture

Klaipėda Castle and Bastion Complex 848 (previous code G136KP), The Old City

The complex consists of:
Castle Palace ruins - 10458 (previous code G136K1P);
Prince Frederick Bastion with Poterna - 23532 (previous code G136K2P);
Prince Karl Bastion with Poterna - 23533 (previous code G136K3P);
The ruins of Fos - 32534 (previous code G136K4P).

Architectural Values
13th. – 19th. century

Castle Palace ruins is On the left bank of the Dane river estuary. The remains of Prince Karl and Friedrich Potern and their bastions. The remains are preserved. In Friedrich Potern is equipped with Castle Museum. 1252 The construction of the castle was led by Bishop Heinrich of Courland And the then Master of the Order. 1559 The plan for strengthening the castle was prepared by Frenchman Claudius Dzonotijus. The castle was refurbished, rebuilt until 1757. The castle lost its military significance and The castle began to disappear, When the Russian troops occupied Klaipeda.

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