Klaipeda city immovable values of culture

Complex of the buildings of the distillery-brewery plant 25107 (previous code G231K), historical part of the city,

Warehouse – 31138, 38 H.Manto St.;
Distillery – 25108 (previous code G231K1), 25 Sauliu St.;
Brewery – 25109 (previous code G231K2), 25 Sauliu St.;
Administration building – 25110 (previous code G231K3), 38 H. Manto St.

Historic, technical, architectural value
Built in the late 19th – early 20th c.

A two-storeyed red brick distillery with a flat roof is situated in the yard of the complex. The founders and German and Czech “Spyrtaus Joint company built it in 1921. A brewery (25 Sauliu St.) consists of who different volumes (two-storeyed and four-storeyed). There is an entrance with metal gates between them. It is a red brick building decorated with the vertical trowels, horizontal cornices, segmental window that are set in a rhythmic pattern and other details of the “Building material” style (Materialist). Most likely the brewery was built in 1890 and it had a name of “Bohemia”. Since 1945 the structures were used for the malt to produce, later – as a warehouse. Now it is in the cracking stage. A gorgeous two-storeyed brick administrative building of oblong plan (two buildings are connected) in the Herkaus Manto street was reconstructed in 1921. The facades reflect late Jugeng, Expressionism and Constructivism.

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