Klaipeda city immovable values of culture

Complex of buildings of the narrow railway station 2480 (previous code G137K), Historical part of the city,

Administration building - 23535 (previous code G137K1), 16 S. Neries St.
Station - 23536 (previous code G137K2), 16A S. Neries St.
Warehouse - 23537 (previous code G137K3), 16A S. Neries St.

Architectural value
Built in 1900 – 1905

The complex consists of two blocked buildings: a one-storeyed warehouse, a one-storeyed station and a two-storeyed administration building, built in 1904 – 1907 by a joint-stock company of the narrow railway of Klaipeda that was established in 1900. Paul Richter from Ragaine managed the works. The railroad lines were used till 1944. A red brick two-storeyed administration building of a quadratic plan with a large garret and hip roof was newly re-planned for flats in 1947 - 1952. It has some elements of the “Building Materials” style. A warehouse of a rectangular plan and symmetrical composition with a gable roof was built in the “Building Material” style. After 1944 was overhauled into living house. After the repair works in 1991 it was used as an office. Now House - Guest House

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