Klaipeda city immovable values of culture

Complex of the structures of the Paul Lindenau dockyard 25898 (previous code G258K) the Old City

Hull workshop - 25899 (previous code G258K1),
Technological bridge - 25900 (previous code G258K2),
Pipe workshop and smithery - 25901 (previous code G258K3),
Boat and yacht workshop - 25902 (previous code G258K4),
boathouse – 17399

Architectural value
Built 21th

Between the castle and Curonian Lagoon at the mouth of Dane river on the south headland there was an engineering works, which went bankrupt. Hull workshop – large size, of broken configuration plan, brick stucco walls and carcass of metal constructions that is filled with bricks. Technological bridge with many piers has a runway on it (later constructions). Pipe workshop and smithery – a brick stucco building that consists of two connected blocks with a carcass of metal constructions. There are prewar authentic machines in the smithery. Boat and yacht workshop – a brick building of broken configuration plan with a flat roof. In 1922 there was the first steamship “Cattaro” built in this workshop. Since 1945 a dockyard started to operate.

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