Klaipeda city immovable values of culture

Complex of the buildings of the post-office station 24819 (previous code G218K), Historical part of the city,

Post-office - 1173 (previous code G218K1);
office - 24820 (previous code G218K2);
outbuilding, called Libra building - (previous code G218K3);
outbuilding - 24822 (previous code G218K4);
fence with a gate – 34625

Architectural value
Built in 1883 – 1893
Author – architect H.Schoede

Post-office complex consists of three structures. In the center there is a two-storeyed post office building with the garrets. There are two building on the both sides of the post office built. One of them is used as a warehouse and a stable and the other one – for the carriages to keep. The buildings are built out of red clicker bricks with the ceramic details covered with the green glaze. They are decorated with the plinths, cornices, pediments and tops of the fence piles. Three styles are reflected in the ensemble but Neo-gothic style is the strongest: high openwork and stepped pediments with sharp-cornered bays and niches, three and four leaved decorative elements. A gorgeous street-door is decorated with carvings, metal grids and other details. All the buildings are located symmetrically (influenced by Classicism) and surrounded by a metal fence with the brick columns.

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