Klaipeda city immovable values of culture

Complex of warehouses 15972 (previous code G19K) Historical part of the city

The complex consists of
Warehouse - 22188 (previous code G19K1);
Warehouse - 22189 (previous code G19K2);
Warehouse - 22190 (Previous code G19K3);
Warehouse - 22191 (previous code G19K4);
Warehouse - 22192 (previous code G19K5).

Historic, technical and architectural value
Built in 1913

The buildings of Fachwerk constructions, big size, with the gable roofs are built on the right bank of the Dane River, by the railroad. Wooden frameworks of warehouses, end walls facing the river, are filled with red bricks. They are buildings of the previous fertilizer plant “Union” 5 out of original 7 buildings survived that were used for storing of raw materials and finished products.

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