Klaipeda city immovable values of culture

Old Jewish Cemetery of Klaipėda 39400
Sinagogu St.

Historical value:
19th century - 20th century
Residents of Klaipėda.
Territory area - 1.3 ha.

19th century cemetery was fenced fencing. During the Second World War, the tombstones were destroyed, and the ritual building was destroyed. In Soviet times, a radio interference station with high metal antennas was established on the territory of the Jewish Cemetery, and an administrative building was erected on the site of the ritual building. After the restoration of independence in 1990, the radio station has been removed, the territory of the cemetery is fenced, the remaining tombstones are paved to the memory wall. The former radio station building currently houses the Klaipeda Jewish community and operates a synagogue.

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