Klaipeda city immovable values of culture

Klaipėda Old Cemeteries Complex 32627
S. Daukanto St., Trilapio St.

The complex of cemeteries consists of:

The old cemetery of Klaipėda city 26380 (previous code L1211)
Cemeteries were established in 1820, but there are indications that already in the 18th century There were small cemeteries in which (176-1763) Russian and Prussian soldiers were buried. 1856 the cemetery area was almost occupied, therefore appealed to the authorities to allow the graves to be covered with a layer of the earth and used for secondary burial. 20th century the cemetery was a expanded. After the Second World War, many tombs were devastated. 1970-1977 Sculpture Park was established. 1982 The final destruction of the cemetery was started. From 1820 until 1937 About 28,930 people were buried in the cemetery.

The grave of Lithuanian soldiers 10454 (previous code L1047)
Liepu St.
The central part of the city, 0.15 kilometers northwest of Liepu St., M. Mažvydas sculpture park. were buried Known warriors of Klaipėda region (1923): Eduardas Noreika (born 1897), Povilas Trinkunas, Pranas Žasinas, Viktoras Burokevičius and Jonas Petkus, Jonas Simanavičius, and Kostas Šimėnas, Vincas Stašelis (born 1896), Juozas Vilkas (born 1897), Algirdas Jasaitis (born 1907) Jonas Pleštys (born 1899) and Antanas Ubavičius.
Territory area - 0.05 ha

Klaipėda Maecenas Liudviko Wyner's Cemetery 32628
Julius Ludwig Wiener (1795-1862) founded a shelter for outdated merchants, supported and next city shelters and city hospital, and, by will, left his entire property to Klaipėda city.

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