Klaipeda city immovable values of culture

S. Daukanto Street, Northern – western part of the city

Planned in the 19th century on the first half, originally the new street was called Lazereth Strasse (Ligoninės Street), because hospital stood beside the street. Until the 19th century On the second side, the street was short: between H. Manto and S. Nėries streets. It was later extended, up to the Second World War - Palangos g. In the 19th century, street called Simon Dach Strasse. The 20th century On the first side, in the Lithuanian plans called Simano Dacho Street. S. Dachas - 17th century a poet in Klaipėda, a professor at Königsberg University, writing poems, by German and Latin speeks. The twentieth century At the beginning of the year, Klaipėda for the memory of the Poet in front of the theater built a fountain (not surviving). In the Soviet years S. Dacho Street was named after S. Daukantas Street. S. Daukantas (1793-1864) - Lithuanian historian and educator.

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