Klaipeda city immovable values of culture

Small Tauralaukis Manor House 34170

The complex consists of:
The palace - 34191, 5 St. Klaipedos;
Road guard building – 34193, 10 St. Klaipedos;
First farm building – 34194, 10 St. Klaipedos;
Second farm building – 34195, 16 St. Klaipedos;
Third farm building – 34196, 2 Dvaro St./ 1 Pajurio St.;
Fourth farm building – 34197, 7 Klaipedos St..

Architectural Values
Built 18th. – 20th. century

Palace building - Asymmetrical compositions, Covered with a double-sided roof. Historical Stylistic Building, 1955 Reconstructed.
Road guard building – One storey, Compact, with shelter and basement, Covered with a double-sided roof.
First farm building, Second farm building, Third farm building and Fourth farm building - Compact, Rectangular plan. Third farm building – 1940 Reconstructed.
1807 m. sausio 28 d. Mažajame Tauralaukyje apsilankė Klaipėdoje rezidavusi Prūsijos karališkoji šeima, vėliau dar ne kartą lankiusi šias vietas. 1900 August 3 Initiative of "Klaipėda and its neighborhood return and foreigners attraction union" in Small Tauralaukis – built monument to Prussia Queen Loiza (1776–1810), Destroyed after the Second World War.