Klaipeda city immovable values of culture

Complex of the buildings of the power-station 25808 (previous code G249K), Northeastern part of the city, at the Dane River,

Administration building - 25809 (previous code G249K1), built in 1938, Author - architect H. Reisman
Farm building - 25810 (previous code G249K2), built in 1938, Author - architect H. Reisman
factory building - 25811 (previous code G249K3), built in 1928 – 1929
factory building - 25812 (previous code G249K4), built in 1928 – 1929
mechanical workshop - 25813 (previous code G249K5)

Historic, architectural, technical and technological value
Built 1928 - 1938 

The Dane river locates the complex. The ground is very aqueous in the area of 2,5 ha, therefore 20000 wooden piles were hammered in and a solid concrete panel of 30 cm ply covered them. A power station of constructionism was built on them according to the project of the German specialists. A modern architecture administration building with rounded angles was built on Danes street. The complex is a good example of the good industrial architecture. There are two turbines - generators still working in the industrials structures. Administrator and Farm buildings author by architect Herbert Reissmann.