Klaipeda city immovable values of culture

Teachers' seminary building 16723 (previous code S387), Historical part of the city

Historic value
Built in 1908
In 1922 - 1934 there was the first Lithuanian gymnasium in Klaipeda operating
In 1924 - 1929 a writer and teacher Pranas Masiotas (1863 - 1940) worked there
In July 4 - 30, 1920 the first art exhibition in Klaipeda was arranged

In 1905 the city allotted a plot next to the railway for the construcions of a new seminary. The complex consists out of two connected structures. The whole building is L-shaped. The facade of the building is not plaine, but wavy. The building is built distantly from the street. The street facades have elements of Neo-gotic style: red brick, stepped pediment, sharp- cornered bays, the side façade is decorated with a vertical protuberant, high and gabled roof. In 1934 there was a German pedagogical institute of Klaipeda region located in the building, since 1935 – Lithuanian Pedagogical institute of the state. At the present time there is Klaipeda University Pedagogical faculty located in it.