Klaipeda city immovable values of culture

Klaipeda castle site 10303 (previous code A1703),
St Pilies.

Klaipeda castle is mentioned for the first time in 1252. July 29 in the document, The great magistre Eberhard von Zeine agrees to build a castle between Nemunas and Danė together with Kursk Bishop Heinrich. Livonian Brothers of the Sword In the autumn of the same year, a built a wooden castle near the Danes River and named Memelburg 1253.
14 th. – 15 th. Klaipėda castles had to withstand a lot of Samogitian and Lithuanian attacks, so it was burned and restored many times. 15 th. The castle was strengthened so that it could defend itself against a firearm. The defensive system of the castle consisted of towers, defensive walls, ditches and dykes with defensive structures. 15 th. The castle was no different from other architectural castles: the massive wall was decorated with ornaments, gothic red bricks masonry walls. 17 th. The Swedes attacked the castle, devastated several fires, so the defense system of the castle had to be restored and improved again. 1686 The dunes of the lands around Klaipėda Castle were reconstructed into bastions.
1968 Archaeological research was started at the castle site and is included in the list of historical, architectural and archeological monuments.
1975 During the entire period of archaeological research, about half of the castle yard area (northern part), discovered several thousand finds.
2002 August 1 The Castle Museum was opened at the celebration of the 750th anniversary of the Klaipėda city. Provides the evolution of the castle and city.
2006 To this day, the evolution of Klaipėda city and the castle is presented, the chronicle of the Soviet-era film and the vision of the future of the city are shown.

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