Klaipeda city immovable values of culture


Kukuliskiu (Karkle) battery 30621
11 Pamario St., Kukuliskiu St.

1939 German fortifications were built in Klaipėda region. They were built according to typical German naval bunker models, remained almost intact during military operations. In the center of the battery there is a concrete structure, a fire control post. Two artillery blocks of concrete construction, equipped at each end with gun platforms and ammunition storage facilities. The battery operated until 1955.

One artillery block in 2002 was partially arranged by the initiative of the Seaside Regional Park. Since 2009 The enthusiasts of the Klaipėda War History together with the Directorate of the Park began to accumulate exhibits related to the fortifications of this land and their history.

2009 FLAK-40 gas pipe was found. In the world (current knowledge) there are only three of them: in Germany, the USA and here on the seaside.

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